Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Oh the places we go...

B got a new job about a month ago, and our entire life has been turned around. We now live in Northern Virginia in a suburb of Washington DC. We are renting a lovely town house while we wait for our condo in Omaha to sell. Duke is slightly traumatized, which has not been helped by his newest obsession. He needs to sit or lay touching me in some way, which would be perfectly fine if Raquel wouldn't kick him in the face while he was napping. He is convinced that I have become possessed, which is overwhelming his already strained psyche. Thankfully, Westies are resilient, and Duke is no exception. We (also known as my husband with much appreciated help by my mother) have done a wonderful job of setting up the living/dining room and the kitchen.

B and I are quickly falling in love with this area. We have both started (giant) lists of things to do and places to see. The greenery is absolutely intoxicating after living in the prairie for so long. Living close to us are close family and friends, and we will be within two hours of my brother and his fiance.

Raquel's nursery is going to be gorgeous. We painted the room a beautiful buttery yellow, and it is bright and cozy at the same time. After we get back from a wedding that we have been waiting for for 6+ years, (we love you guys!) B will put together the furniture and we will start on the little details to make her room a perfect little world for her to escape to NeverNeverLand in.

I am working on believing that she will be here in August. She is helping by dancing up a storm to Michael Jackson, kicking Duke in attempts to make friends, and generally obsessing over her father constantly. Her favorite thing in the world is his voice, and she will do anything to hear as much of it as possible. Apparently, paternal worship is genetic in my bloodline.