Thursday, August 2, 2012

Raquel turned one last week, and I am still trying to wrap my brain around it.  How did my little, tiny doll baby get to be so big?

She is so close to walking right now, and has weaned herself of all but our first morning nursing session.  She has said a few words, Duke being the first one, and has called for both her Momma and Dadadadadadadada.  She has stolen a necklace of mine (it was designed to be a toy!) and wears it around for hours.  I swear we are watching her like hawks while she does this.  She love to laugh, she tries to sing when music is played, and Smooth Criminal can still calm down even the most epic of tantrums.

She is perfect, and in those moments when we roll around together on the floor, my cheek pressed to hers, smelling her sweet smell, and doing my best to make her giggle as loudly as she can, life is perfect.

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