Wednesday, February 8, 2012

You're so vain...

I am so overwhelmingly excited about our upcoming weekend that I can barely contain myself. We are taking road trip to Philadelphia to visit my brother, his fiance, and some of my best friends. Duke is going to Puppy Summer Camp (the vet), and R and her wagon-loads of stuff are coming along for the ride. This will be the first trip that she will be in cloth diapers the entire time, as well as eating solid food. We use cloth on all of our day trips, and I don't see why we can't manage it for two and a half days. I'm not positive how we will handle feeding her in the bumbo only, but I'm sure we will be able to figure it out.

I am so amused with myself at the moment. Usually when I visit my loves in Philly, I plan every outfit down to the smallest detail. I pack pounds of makeup and hair products, two curling irons, and at times a weave. I schedule a hair appointment, a brow wax, and a mani-pedi for the week before to make sure I am as camera ready as a tub-o-lard can be. However, this trip I am packing my four everyday outfits, which are all different versions of the same silhouette. I blame nursing, but really I just no longer know how to dress fashionably for my new life. I life in J. Crew cardigans, Bravado nursing tanks, and a pair of dark wash Gap jeans. My collection of heels has been replaced by a pair of sneakers thanks to my injury, and other than a scarf here and there my accessories have dwindled to a simplistic set of jewelry. I am honestly quite surprised at how little I care. Of course I wish that I looked better in my lactation uniform, but I don't feel stifled or drab because of what I'm wearing. No one really pays attention anyway, since there something much more adorable to focus on.

I am hoping to get some inspiration from my most fashionable friends, but honestly I am so excited to bask in their presence that I don't care if I look like I live in a van by the river. I know in October I will focus on my costume as much as I always do, but this trip will be all about simply enjoying each other and delighting in their introductions to R. Those will be all the memories I need, and I don't care if I am camera ready or not. It is a little freeing, and also illuminating on just how vain I am.

You know, I kind of think that song is about me.

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