Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Mamma Mia!

Do you ever have one of those "d'oh" moments where you think your subconscious is manipulating you? I had one last week, and I'm wishing my mind would pull one over on my more often!

About three weeks ago, my skin started breaking out like crazy. Ever since I went off hormonal birth control a few years ago, my skin responds to the tiniest change in anything. As 30 gets closer and closer (next year...eek!), I keep waiting for that moment of time after acne and before wrinkles. I think I missed it somewhere.

Since I have a unhealthy addiction to beauty products, I'm amazed that I managed to wait to buy a Clarisonic for so long. When my skin exploded, with acne earlier in the month, I finally gave in to the hype. (The VIB coupon didn't hurt.) I got the Mia because I don't really want to deal/pay with/for the big kahuna...and it came in purple! Then last week, my body let me know where all that acne stemmed from with a dramatic return to fertility. My skin immediately began to clear up, but I decided to use my new toy anyway.

Oh my gosh! My skin looks and feels amazing! After a week! I had no idea how much dead skin (gross) was on my face. My husband keeps trying to get his hands on my cheeks, which is sweet and creepy at the same time. My moisturizer actually gets into my skin instead of sitting on top of it, the flakes that I couldn't get rid of on my nose are gone, and I've had no new breakouts.

I feel like a fool for spending so much money on expensive products that I didn't really use. This thing is fantastic, and I'm pretty sure I'll be using it for a good, long while!

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