Thursday, March 3, 2011

G-d and other theological thoughts

To quickly answer the question, I identify religiously as a Conservative Jew.

The long version is that I believe in G-d, but I believe that G-d is something that we can't fathom. My beliefs allow me to have faith and to believe in scientific theory. I don't think that G-d takes an active role in our daily lives, but I do believe in a bigger picture. I don't think that bad things happen in order to punish the wicked, or that humanity has any idea of what true wickedness is. We simply try, and we live the way that we were designed.

Pregnancy has made me appreciate life, and nature has always made me appreciate the world around me. I always find it easier to pray outside, and I love the Jewish rituals that allow me to be thankful, gracious, and appreciative of the world around me without asking for things for myself. I tend to heartily dislike selfish prayers.

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