Sunday, February 20, 2011

Introduction & 15 (hopefully) interesting facts

I am a 27.5 year old married woman who is obsessed with her Westie, Duke. I am nerdy, geeky, and dorky, but not enough of any of those descriptions to be described as one by people who know me. I am a fatty who fluctuates between starving and looking decent and eating and looking like a whale. I have a son named Bryce who I miss in an indescribable way, and a daughter named Raquel due in August. I am Jewish, I have the most supportive family I've ever met, and I am from NOLA. I honestly want to retire to a house on St. Charles with a fence for my Westies, a large kitchen to puddle around in, and a gigantic living room that I plan on converting to a library. I am married to a man who forces me to be better while holding me up when I fall. My life is far from perfect, but I am doing my best to life it in the right way.

Some (probably boring) facts...

1. Purple is not my favorite color, it is a visual obsession for me. My mood changes when I see the hue. It is such a strong need of mine that my husband has allowed me to paint rooms in our houses purple.

2. I have freakishly small hands and feet for my body type. Sometimes I'm not sure how I am able to walk. I had to quit piano lessons when I realized that I could not hit to keys in major chords. I cried.

3. I read 600 - 700 words per minute. I was trained to speed read from kindergarden to fifth grade, and I have never been able to slow is down. I read Robert Jordan's "Towers of Midnight" in about seven and a half hours.

4. I taught myself how to cook from watching the Food Network. I am apparently a visual learner when it comes to crafts, which I find odd since I read so much. I wonder if it is that I absorb concepts better that way, and specific facts in other ways.

5. I own more makeup than anyone I have ever met. A significant amount more. I am friends with drag queens.

6. I become lazy when I am depressed for extended periods of time.

7. I don't think I have ever met anyone with my eye color. They are blue, gray, and yellow. Supposedly they are pretty, but I mostly find them confusing.

8. I still sleep with stuffed animals. I create a fort with them and a blanket my husband got me for my birthday seven years ago.

9. My dog is a dream come true to me. He is honestly the cutest stuffed animal, come to life with a dramatic and inquisitive personality. He also makes my husband very happy.

10. I can cry any time, any place. On stage, in the middle of a restaurant, doesn't matter. I am awesome at crying.

11. I can drink copious amounts of milk. My favorite is 2%, and the most I have ever had in a sitting was a gallon and a half. Not only did I not throw up, but I was barely queasy. I like to think that makes me part cat, but I'm pretty sure it makes me part cow.

12. I meow at my husband in order to communicate with him. He understands the varied nuances of my odd and slightly imbalanced sounds, and usually responds accordingly.

13. I love water, but I hate to bathe. I miss the days of my body being powerful enough in order for me to spend the day in the water frolicking.

14. I want to teach theatre history on the collegiate level one day. I doubt that will ever happen, which is depressing because it is an attainable goal.

15. I wouldn't drink cola until I was 23. I still think any cola but Diet Coke is gross, but I could live without it in an instant.

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