Monday, February 21, 2011

Why Westies and Raspberries?

As usual when I am trying to create something, I rarely stem far from what gave me the initial spark of interest in an idea. Many of the blogs I have begun to read this past year have very simple, easy names that manage to describe the blog and writer in a few words. So what is an insecure want-to-be to do when forced to identify her internet space?

I own a Westie, and I want to breed them seriously after B and I retire. When we got engaged, I knew that the first thing I wanted to do was to buy a puppy. While I respect and admire people who rescue animals, I didn't feel that would be the best choice for our family. I wanted to know what to expect (generally) from a dog, and what that dog would expect of me. We did our research, found a breeder, and brought home the most amazing animal I have ever met.

Raspberries are my favorite food, and a way that I tend to think about life. Fun to play with and eat, they are delicious right off the bush and cooked down into sauce. They are slightly tart yet sweet, and no two are alike. B bought me two bushes which we planted at our first house. Only one made it through the winter, and we got no more than a dozen pieces of fruit off the bush, but I can't wait to plant more in our next house.

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